There are multiple causes for hair loss which affect men, women and children. The dermatologist is the specialist in charge of treating these diseases and determining, during the medical consultation, how to treat them to restore the initial volume of hair or prevent the loss of hair from progressing.

Medical Management

Topical, oral or intralesional therapy for the treatment of diseases that cause hair loss.


Intralesional injections  

In the fight against hair loss are hair infiltrations that represent one of the most effective methods to end hair loss.They are procedures aimed at treating and curbing hair loss in both men and women by applying capillary injections of medications.The purpose of capillary infiltrations is as follows:


• Revitalize hair follicles

• Improve blood microcirculation

• Improve scalp trophism

• Increase the thickness and volume of hair

• Microneedle therapy

• Management combining nanopore and mesotherapy that stimulates follicle strengthening and hair growth


Platelet Rich Plasma


Platelet Growth Factors are obtained through a technique performed in a specialized laboratory. A sample of the patient's blood is taken and subjected to various processes of separation of its components. Finally obtaining a concentrate highly rich in platelets, which is subsequently injected into the scalp in order to stimulate hair growth.

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