¿Conoces los beneficios de la depilación láser?

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If you are tired or tired of blades, razors and wax, LASER DEFINITIVE DEPILATION is a great option.


RELEASE FROM THE UNDERSTANDING VELS in various areas of the body NOW IS POSSIBLE safely, comfortably and with excellent results through LASER DEFINITIVE DEPILATION.


Women and Men can perform this treatment in different areas of the body such as legs, bikini, armpits, full face, beard, mustache, chest and back.

98% of the population, can be depilated, Definitely, with a variable number between 8 and 15 sessions, the vast majority between 8 and 10, but there is a very small percentage of the population between 1 and 2% that is resistant to Laser Hair Removal.

In these patients it is convenient to combine several Laser Technologies.

It is important to know that it is a method that must be performed by expert specialists.

That is why at the Laser Dermatological Center PB, we have the latest Laser and Hair Removal Equipment and different technologies, considered by the FDA as GOLD STANDAR for Hair Removal, such as the SOPRAN LASER, which is a Diode Laser, with a Revolutionary mode of Hair Removal in Motion and Cooling, which produces more comfortable hair removal. Additionally, we have LASER GENTLE YAG (Neodymium Laser), HARMONY 650 (I.P.L.) with the purpose of helping our patients, so that they can achieve their goal, which is to Definitely Shave and eliminate unpleasant hairs;

In general, what these types of lasers do is emit a light that is captured by the hair follicle, which allows its destruction.

It is very important that patients have knowledge that it is a progressive treatment, in each person it is different. The number of sessions vary from one person to another. The results depend on the area to be treated and the problems on the skin, although the results can be seen from the first session.

Dermatological Medical Assessment?

Before starting a laser hair removal treatment, each patient is evaluated by a specialist, in order to assess whether or not the person is fit for the procedure.

There are patients who take medications or have any skin disease, so the specialist should assess whether this technique is the most appropriate.

  • Blanqueamiento de la zona tratada   
  • Desaparición de la irritación del área tratada con cada rasurado   
  • Desaparición de vellos incrustados actuando como cuerpo extraño   
  • Una piel tersa y suave del área tratada   
  • Estimulación del colágeno.   
  • Tratar problemas de foliculitis, hiperhidrosis (excesiva producción de sudor) e hirsutismo (crecimiento excesivo de vellos)”.   


La depilación láser es un proceso que se realiza por sesiones mensuales o cada dos o tres meses. es progresivo, no deja cicatrices y con el podemos lograr también :  

Recuerda que La Depilación con técnicas Láser, es lo único que produce Depilación DEFINITIVA, a diferencia de las técnicas Como FOTODEPILACIÓN, con las que se obtiene Depilaciones prolongadas pero no Definitivas.    

Consúltanos, tu caso debe ser valorado por una especialista, así podrás saber cual es el mejor tratamiento para ti.  



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